We care more about what you accomplish in your life than in just a summer.


Civil War

CIVIL WAR is the most intense office vs office competition in the door-to-door industry. In 2019 we had 26 offices qualify and compete to prove who is the most prepared, disciplined and committed to personal and team success.

2019 Champions: Fort Wayne, IN


Caliber Madness is the largest sales competition in the television and cellular industry. In the head of the summer, Caliber's leadership gets together to build the ultimate rep face-off bracket. In Madness, the stakes are higher and reps go one-on-one to test their will to be the best.

2019 Madness Champions:
Vet A: Ben Oberley
Vet B: Nikolas Garza
Rookie: Collin Powers
Sprint: Nathan Jensen


Out Knock, Out Sell, Outlast. Survivor is an intesne survival of the most prepared and most talented. Everyday the bar is raised with an increased minimum of sales required to continue on. Survivor demands that everyday you bring your best and that you continue to elevate yourself to rise to todays challenge.

Beat Your Best

Beat Your Best is an August incentive, designed for reps to finish stronger than they started. It's a deeply personal fight challenging you to take what you thought was your best and absolutely crush it. In 2019 Caliber had nearly 100 reps beat their summer best and proved to themselves that they can always strive for more.


Welcome to Caliber's Elite

Mission: Create an elite group of UNCOMMON sales reps who have the desire to get a jump start in the industry and are willing to go the extra mile in both their training and personal development. By doing so, they will be able to out-perform their peers and guarantee their success at a much higher level in every way.

Duration: 30 Days

Qualification: Rep must choose to enroll in the program and commit to completing it.

1. Finish 1 Book (Selected by Executive Leadership)
2. Sell and Install 10 Accounts
3. Finish All Online Training
4. Attend One Seminar Per Week With High Performers


Mission: Help the elite managers in our company to get to 7,500K accounts or 8K TSI in their network and be able to become regional managers therefore scaling our business overall.

Duration: 12 Months // Starting in November of Each Year

Qualifications / Requirements: Individual must be a Veteran sales rep who sold at least 300 TSI and/or managed 1,000 total TSI the previous year.

You must also be selected by an SVP to enroll.


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