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Our most important responsibility

Caliber prides itself in providing students an immersive learning experience in a safe environment. Through thoughtful planning of student’s area assignments, employment of location sharing, and use of group chat applications, Caliber has maintained a perfect safety record in its 16-year history.

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Director of Sales
Purdue University

Purdue University was the first of many partners in Caliber's internship program. Since 2010 Purdue sales students have traveled to cities across the country to sell DISH and Sprint. The skills they've gained has been noticed upon their return to the classroom. In addition, Caliber leaders often visit Purdue university to participate in sales competitions, mock interviews, role-plays, and other learning modules to provide their real life sales experiences for all students in the classroom.

What your child will gain.

Caliber focuses on five major premises of intern development within our program: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Negotiation, Communication, and Work Ethic. Regardless of your interests or career choice, we believe by focusing on these five skill sets, your student will be uniquely prepared to start his or her working career.

Leadership Development

We want to build the next generation of business leaders.

Leadership Development is at the core at the core of what Caliber does. That’s why a few years ago we implemented a program at the university level to offer Sophomores and Juniors a two-year program designed to jump-start their career. Step one requires interns to enroll in the program agreeing to take on a few additional responsibilities in addition to their regular ones. Participants will be held to a higher standard and will have different expectations than regular sales reps. Assuming they are successful in their first summer and meet all requirements, they will be invited back the following summer as a Team Lead or Intern Manager. This is a selective program designed for those interested in differentiating themselves from the pack.

University Partners

Meet the awesome colleges that we work with.

Caliber's Launchpad for your Child

We help set you up for success.

Over the last 5 years, Caliber has uniquely positioned itself to provide college students with an opportunity that we believe is unmatched. We get it, knocking doors isn’t your dream job, that is why through creative thinking and terrific partners we hold the title as the official face to face internship for Dish and Sprint. So what does this mean? After one summer working as an intern for Caliber, seniors who are preparing to graduate have a fast track to employment in their area of expertise at either Sprint or Dish. Maybe you have different goals, or are interested in owning your own business one day. Interns who complete a summer with Caliber also qualify for full-time employment as a manager with us after graduation. Wherever you are interested in going, regardless of your major, Caliber wants to be the vehicle that gets you there.

What to Expect

After an intern has committed, direct managers will work closely with him or her in preparation for the summer. While most of the interns' training won’t begin until they are in the area, interns will be expected to complete all Caliber online training and participate in monthly phone calls. In addition, interns will be expected to attend our annual intern kickoff event in Indianapolis, IN. This event will serve as a formal introduction to the company and an important training opportunity before the internship begins.

As the school year ends, direct managers will help coordinate travel schedules with interns out to their summer area. Once in the market, interns will be provided with company housing and furniture. It will be the intern’s responsibility to bring basic necessities like bedding, pillows, pots and pans, silverware, etc.